How does HOLALUX achieve the highest levels of quality

We take a holistic approach to quality, one that begins and ends with the customer.

Design & Development for Quality

The voice of the customer speaks loudly when we envision our next offering. We draw from our deep connections with lighting professionals—exploring what you need. Then we design and develop a solution that meets those needs.

Our experience and expertise help us focus on lighting solutions that will make the broadest, deepest impact.

We follow a rigorous process aimed at continuous improvement and the highest quality results. Beyond the systems, we have unequalled institutional knowledge from designing and developing thousands of lighting solutions. We know what materials and design approaches work best and leverage this knowledge as we move ahead.

Quality = People, Not Just Process

Your interaction with LED lighting solution manufacturers often includes the sales representative and a customer support person. At HOLALUX, we are a powerful team , who have unequalled experience and help you get the best possible results at any point in the process, and even years later.

Manufacturing for Quality

Manufacturing requires deep knowledge of specific manufacturing processes and how to control quality throughout the entire process. During manufacturing, we work to ensure quality at all levels. We establish meticulous standards and monitor them internally, and with our partners.

Lighting solutions are inherently complicated, so every component needs to perform flawlessly. Manufacturing is where our attention to detail during design pays off. By making smart choices of materials and processes, we can ensure manufacturing that achieves the highest level of quality. And we confirm that quality with a barrage of post-manufacturing testing.

Rigorous Testing

All our products testing processes are remarkably rigorous, so our relentless testing ensures year-after-year reliability. Meanwhile, our products pass all relevant regulations, but we often go farther, testing our products in our certified testing facilities until they finally give up and break. It’s called testing to fail. We learn from failure, so that you don’t have to experience it.

Quality in future

Our team spend time with our customers, monitoring performance and identifying any issues. We listen to your experiences with the product. All this vital information cycles back into product design and development—so when the process starts up again, we’re able to achieve even greater levels of quality.