Technology is the core of the product, to keeping continuous innovation in technology is one of our important missions.

New ErP regulation

The birth of LED technology demonstrated the capacity for development to achieve lighting that was much more efficient than any other. In recent decades, that efficiency has increased and we have adapted our products. But it would be a seri...

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What Is the LM-80 ?

When talking about the useful life of a product or its failure rate, we are not referring to one particular means of quantifying this data. HOLALUX uses the LM-80 method and the TM-21 projection for the measurement of lumen maintenance in LED light sources.

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What Is TM-30-15?

Illumination Engineering Society’s (IES) TM-30-15 the most recently developed method of evaluating color rendition, is garnering a lot of attention in the lighting community. TM-30-15 seeks to supplant CRI as the industry standard for measuring color rendition. We at Bridgelux have observed significant interest in TM-30-15 among our customers.

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What is CRI R9 and Why is it Important

CRI R9 is one of the test color samples used in the calculation of extended CRI. Many manufacturers will only report general CRI, however, which does not include the CRI R9 score. CRI R9 is therefore oftentimes a useful supplemental score to judge a light source‘s color rendering ability, specifically as it concerns objects whose reflectance spectr...

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