Lighting reseach & measurement center

What is the reason for launching our photometric laboratory? 

Development and Innovation 

Our R&D team perform implementations of new products by making various tests and alterations to product parameters so that all products fully satisfy the HOLALUX quality standards. Our photometric lab is the place where new concepts and prototypes are created. The R&D team is responsible for comprehensive development of new products, careful selection of components and strict quality management. 

Quality Management 

The HOLALUX Lighting Research and Measurement Centre is a place where continued and ongoing quality control tests are performed. Before a HOLALUX branded product can be supplied to our business partners through various channels, each batch of items need to positively satisfy a course of various strict tests performed by the R&D team; the quality control is managed in accordance with current legislative standards and directives. Thanks to this pre-sale process, we are ensured that our lighting solutions will meet all safety, technical, durability and legal requirements at the time they reach the hands of end-users. 

The testing laboratory is equipped with: 

*  Constant temperature and constant humidity testing chamber 

*  High temperature and low temperature shock testing chamber 

*  UV-resistant climate testing chamber 

*  Salt spray testing chamber 

*  Photometric darkroom / IES 

*  Testing station for luminous and radiant parameters / Everfine intergrating sphere 

*  Waterproof testing 

We create highly reliable IES and EULUMDAT files 

We support designers in creating precise lighting projects, which are the basis for successful investments.  In a photometric darkroom we take measurements of type C coordinates and γ angles (gamma), electrical values, luminous flux measurement, light distribution. We create polar and conical charts, determine color rendering indexes (Ra,CRI), color temperature CCT and Duv, as well as McAdam ellipses. All together - we generate high quality photometric files, which after being imported to Dialux or Relux programs allow you to select the right type and quantity of luminaire for each type of project. 

We are happy to share our knowledge 

The years of our experience in the lighting industry together with highly qualified engineering experts are a huge capital for us, which allows for continuous development and the supply of most innovative lighting solutions. We are happy to share our knowledge during regular meetings with our partners during their visits in our LAB. 

The HOLALUX Lighting Research and Measurement Centre is the place where we organise various trainings in the field of photometry, photometric measurements and quality control. We perform such trainings for our strategic business partners, distributors, customers and employees. 

We are also open to share our expertise in the sphere of photometry with engineering students. We openly invite institutions and any entities to contact us if the representatives of such entities are interested in organising and  managing trainings for their college or university students. 

QUALITY FIRST - Come and see us !