New ErP regulation

The birth of LED technology demonstrated the capacity for development to achieve lighting that was much more efficient than any other. In recent decades, that efficiency has increased and we have adapted our products. But it would be a serious error if the industry did not set itself more demanding goals.

In 2021, decrees published by the European Union will enter into fore that establish new product design and energy labeling criteria to guarantee the best use of energy from sources of light, as well as the elimination of less-efficient technology. Products to which the new energy efficiency label apply to must be registered in a European database and will be rescaled from just A to G.


This does not mean it has worsened, but the new label is more strict and at first the A category will be empty, while very few products will obtain the B or C score. This is in order to leave margin for improvement in the coming years.

Unit 30% of the products on the European market obtain the maximum classification, which is currently empty, thescales will not be revised.



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